Welcome to our NJJ Dojo Online. We built this area to help our student base in and out of the North Jersey Judo facility. At the time of the development of this page we’ve been able to help 7 of our members make it to Judo Black Belt and some have made it to 2nd Dan with competition points or time in grade. I’ve come to realize that there are evergreen techniques that only get better with deliberate practice and time and the learning doesn’t stop when you see something new happening on the national or international scene. Judo is a game that you want to adapt quickly. We hope this becomes a must use tool for our tribe’s overall learning and development experience. As we add content, we will let our NJJers know so they can log on, enjoy the content and put it to good use on the mat.

Below are you will see two sections. First one is our NJJ Yellow Belt to NJJ Brown Belt Curriculum and Qualifications. The last section is for anyone outside of our Dojo request a Private Lesson with Sensei Ramon Hernandez.

NJJ Yellow Belt to NJJ Brown Belt Curriculum and Qualifications Designed by Sensei Ramon Hernandez Yodan (4th Dan Judo Black Belt)

$20 Per month per person you will get access to the following:

  • NJJ Yellow Belt Curriculum
  • NJJ Orange Belt Curriculum
  • NJJ Green Belt Curriculum
  • NJJ Brown Belt Curriculum Sankyu
  • NJJ Brown Belt Curriculum Nikyu
  • NJJ Brown Belt Curriculum Ikyu

This Password Protected Platform we call NJJ Dojo Online will show you the standing or ground moves with drills to compliment them into competition effective techniques. When you have completed each section, you will be giving a chance to test online or in person with Sensei Ramon Hernandez at each stage. Once you’ve graduated to the final belt Ikyu Brown and are knocking at the door to 1st Dan Judo Black Belt we will arrange for you to be tested in front of a board of examiners. The Juice Is In The Journey!

NJJ Online Private Coaching Session w/ SENSEI RAMON HERNANDEZ

$150.00 Per Person Per Hour Includes Uke
With personal 1 on 2 Online Coaching Ramon Hernandez can help you with the following:

  • Judo For Judo Instructional
  • Judo For BJJ Instructional
  • Judo for Wrestling Instructional

This live online coaching session with Ramon Hernandez will include drills to develop skillset needed to add Judo for Judo, Judo for BJJ or Judo for Wrestling. We’ve added an extra $50 to the cost for Uke’s time to assist in the session. The Online Coaching Session with Sensei Ramon Hernandez will be conducted on the Zoom Platform once a schedule has been confirmed. In order to set appointment, you must add NJJ Online Coaching 1 on 2 to shopping cart and finish purchase. You will be contact by Ramon personally to confirm private lesson appointment. You must have a partner to be your uke or share the private lesson at a reduced cost. In order to share the private lesson with a partner then choose Share NJJ Online Coaching at a cost of $75 Per Person.


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